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BANDS? … Brothers and Sisters. This is simply an open community from Japan for anyone and everyone. Free to join. All are welcome.

Bridging the gap through communication.

Getting started…

①Login direct through facebook.

②Make friends.

③Make your own group with friends.

④You can start your own topics in your group

⑤Send messages, tweet, comment to members…etc

Please relax and enjoy your time here.





At BANDS Community, being an open community, we hope all users can communicate smoothly and utilize this community in a joyful way whilst being respectful of one another.

For a healthy community and in the best interest for all, BANDS Community reserves the right to remove content which may be deemed or classified as inappropriate and/or malicious. We reserve the right to suspend or remove a user at any time at our discretion for behaviour, intentions, conduct or use unbecoming of this community. Manners (provisions):-

・Sensible – be considerate as to not offend other users.

・Nice communications – harrassment of any kind and offensive language is a no-no (not acceptable)

・Respect – discrimination is a definite no-no (not acceptable)

Once again, as this is an open community, please take caution and care with respect to your privacy and of others.

Be mindful of what you share… Personal information and specific details (real name, telephone number, mail address, etc) you consider sensitive should not be published or shared. BANDS Community holds no responsibility for any inappropriate misuse by users.

Users accept responsibility and accountability when using this open community so please take care and happy communications.



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